Core Features

Here's a list of Plainticket's main features. We believe these make it stand out and contribute in making Plainticket a unique product that should make your business operations run more efficiently and more smoothly.

Works in all browsers

Plainticket is a web application, and as such, works entirely in the browser. There is no need for you to install apps, local software, or server software. Just log in and get going!

Accessible from everywhere securely

Plainticket is accessible over the Internet, so you can log in from your office, your home, on the bus. It also is encrypted through HTTPS protocol so your information is kept secure at all times.

Custom fields

If default fields are not enough for your needs, you can define custom ones, that will be added automatically to all new tickets.

All ticket info and actions on ONE page

All information for one ticket is accessible on the same screen: ticket number, creation date, origin, subject, description, custom fields, attached files, list of messages and their attached files

You also get all available actions for one ticket on the same screen: you'll be able to edit all ticket characteristics, add files and add messages.

Worldwide timezone support

You can base your Plainticket instance in any timezone worldwide. That's quite useful when you're dealing with international suppliers.

Works on all mobile devices

Plainticket has been designed for people on the go. It's built as a responsive design cloub-based service, which means it will work and adapt its display whether you're on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile.

All active tickets on ONE page

All important information on the active ticket list is displayed on one page. It displays: ticket subject, category, name of person in charge of ticket, priority, status, planned resolution date, deadline, origin of ticket, number of new messages.

User-defined Categories

Tickets can be grouped in categories that are user-defined and user-ranked. Categories can match your product lines, your departments, or even your business workflow.

Capture emails

email capture system converts external mail into tickets. Suppliers who do not have access to Plainticket can create new tickets by simply sending emails.


Plainticket runs in English, French or Spanish. You can switch language on the fly.

Other features

From inline editing to reporting capabilities, you'll get here a list of many features that all come bundled with the system.

Inline editing

You can modify tickets directly from the ticket viewing screen. This function is available for basic operations, like changing a deadline, a priority, a status, or the agent in charge.


Tickets can be sorted in one click by different criteria; Categories, priority, status, planned resolution date.

Reports and stats

Customizable reports and statistics, in pdf and Excel format. You can filter your results by duration, by ticket categories, by status, and even decide how much detail you want in your report.

Data exports

Full system data exports, in SQL and csv formats. You can export at will your data to Excel, or have your IT department make backups of all data contained in your Plainticket instance by choosing a full SQL data export.

email notifications

You can get email notifications for new tickets, for new messages within tickets, and each time a ticket is transferred to a new agent.

User-friendly and simple to use

Plainticket is much more simple to use than other issue tracking systems. It has a very short learning curve, as you can master the system in less than 20 minutes. Your team members will only need to deal with two web pages for all their operations.

Automated report sendouts

All users can define a timeframe to receive automatic reports from Plainticket. Managers can filter and track activity this way without logging in.

Multiple views

Ticket viewing mode lists all active tickets grouped by user-defined categories by default. But you can also choose to display active tickets grouped either by agent name, by priority, or by status.

Search through tickets

Search engine searches in tickets and messages attached to tickets. You can thus trace back issues your team has solved many months ago!

Types of deadlines

You can decide whether a planned resolution date for a ticket is going to be flexible, or rather like a real deadline. You can distinguish easily between the two type directly from the list of active tickets, so you can differentiate between real emergencies and those that can be rescheduled.

Configuration features

Finally, we provide you with a quick description of Plainticket configuration features.

Free configuration assistance

We provide free configuration assistance during your free trial either by email or by phone. We also provide you with training videos to get you up to speed in no time!

Site options

All options are configurable on one screen. You can define the language, colors, date formats, timezone, and email integration options you want activated.


You can add and manage attachments to any ticket or message in the system.


There are specific roles for managers, externals suppliers, agents and administrators. Members of your team will be either admins or agents, and you can provide limited access to suppliers.


User management and role attribution. Plainticket administrators can manage all users who have access to Plainticket, and add or delete users at will. Thet can also assign different roles to the said users.


Plainticket allows you to define the necessary steps involved in business problem resolution, to match your workflow.


Categories come with many features. You can get email addresses linked to them, automatic notification of new tickets, and automatic notification of new messages in tickets.