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Resolve issues in a collaborative fashion

Our world is getting more complex. Issues and problems can very rarely be completely solved by a single individual. They may be of a technical nature, or in a service or manufacturing framework, but many issues actually require intervention from many people in order to be properly resolved. That makes collaboration all the more essential for a timely and efficient problem resolution flow.

“The difficulty consists in making sure all the relevant information is passed from person to person, so that all participants are actually working towards the same goal.”

Using email for that purpose can be treacherous as it’s very difficult to make sure that all the relevant information contained in a thread is passed from one problem-resolution agent to the next.

Help desks systems such as Plainticket can be very useful for ensuring that the entirety of a thread is passed from one agent to the next. Since each ticket contains its full history, as well as all relevant messages and files, transferring it to another agent takes just a matter of seconds.

So, the first agent in a resolution chain will work on the issue at hand, describe his intervention in Plainticket as a new message inside a ticket, and then simply transfer the ticket to the next agent, who will repeat this process until the issue is solved and the ticket closed.

All the interventions will thus be logged in chronological order, describing each intervention and the entire problem resolution process, and will also show every agent who had a say in the ticket resolution. This way, you get a truly collaborative resolution system in which all interventions are kept for future reference as a knowledge base.

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