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Reclaim your inbox!!

Most of us have been there. You come to the office in the morning, fire up your email client, only to find that an insane amount of emails have arrived since yesterday, and they’re not even spam!! Most of them have got to do with ongoing projects, some of them call for new actions, and others are asking what’s going on regarding such and such a matter. You ponder what to do with these emails—you can’t dismiss them even if you’d like to—so you settle down to the task of actually replying to these emails, one by one, hoping you don’t forget to treat anyone’s request, and keeping informed all those who need to be.

You keep this up for a couple of months, but the daily mountain of emails keeps getting bigger, and dealing with them grabs more and more of your productive time. Let’s be honest, it is an unmanageable situation, one you cannot win without the proper tools.

“Email is a fantastic invention, but it cannot ever be conceived as a way of dealing and managing issues in a business. It inevitably leads to inbox clutter.”

First of all, there is no way you can keep track of all the requests in your inbox; you’re bound to overlook an issue at some point. Furthermore, email is a very fiddly tool for keeping all participants properly informed of what’s going on. Sometimes people reply only to one person in a group, or they send an afterthought to part of the group, and from then on, there is no single email thread that keeps tracks of all interventions and comments. Anyone in a group only gets a fragment of the available information!

“You lose track of important events and issues, and your inbox gets even more cluttered. Seems like there’s no way out! But, there are tools that can actually help you efficiently keep track of issues, and best of all, they’ll make 80% of your current email traffic  just go away!”

Help desk solutions, such as Plainticket, are systems that are specially built to help people keep track of and manage issues efficiently, in a collaborative way. Plainticket centralizes all issues and all interventions leading to the resolution of a problem, within a user-friendly and simple-to-use web interface.

Plainticket screenshotJust open your Internet browser, go to your Plainticket service, log in, and you have a snapshot of all current issues that you and your team should be taking care of. Basically, all emails concerning issues and projects are transferred to Plainticket, and it becomes the place where the actual problem resolution takes place. So, for any issue, you can look immediately at all the interventions that led to the resolution of this particular problem. This is exactly what email cannot do for your business.

“A single place, a common thread, for all to see, where you and your team get all the relevant information.

This replaces very advantageously email, and it has the virtue of freeing your inbox for matters where email is more appropriate.

“When your Plainticket service is used properly, you can cut your email traffic by anywhere from 50% to 90%, and thus spend less time every day replying to countless emails and requests.”

It allows you and your team to be more efficient and to deal with all requests in a more timely fashion. Plus, all ticket history can be used as a knowledge base, for future reference!

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