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Issue tracking in any field of activity

Issue Tracking in IT industryA majority of people who have heard about issue tracking system, or help desks, think they’re exclusive to software development or to the IT industry. This assumption could not be more wrong. Whilst it is true that many issue tracking systems are devoted to these, some of the newer systems, like Plainticket, allow any type of business to manage their issues more efficiently. That’s because Plainticket has gotten rid of all the IT references and technicalities other systems still use to this day.

You can use Plainticket to keep track of any type of request. It can be in administration, finance, tourism, service industry, or manufacturing, or any other field of activity. Plainticket allows you to define custom categories in which you regroup issues the way you want, to better suit your needs.

How can I regroup requests using custom categories?

By sorting them:

  • By sector
  • By field of activity
  • By type of requestors
  • By type of customers
  • Any means of categorizing your requests that makes sense!

Plainticket is not built around the concept of ‘bug-tracking’, like many other software are. Rather, it has been built, right from the start, to be able to deal with requests in any field of activity.

“To be able to benefit from Plainticket is the fullest way, you only need to regroup your requests in categories that you define, and that make sense for your industry or your type of business.”

For example, if you use Plainticket in a restaurant, you could have the following categories:

  • Food Suppliers
  • Sales
  • Big appliances
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Building repairs
  • Accounting
  • Waiters FAQ

If , on the other hand, you work in a more service-oriented business, you can sort your categories by the name of departments that are making the most frequent requests. For example, you could have the following categories:

  • Products
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer support
  • Projects
  • Human Resources

That way, you’ll always know how the respective sectors in your business are following their own issues.

“And nothing prevents you, as the Plainticket administrator, to modify those categories at a later date. You’ll be able to create new ones, delete obsolete ones, or simply rename them to something more appropriate.”

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