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Resolve issues in a collaborative fashion

Our world is getting more complex. Issues and problems can very rarely be completely solved by a single individual. They may be of a technical nature, or in a service or manufacturing framework, but many issues actually require intervention from many people in order to be properly resolved. That makes collaboration all the more essential […]

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Issue tracking in any field of activity

A majority of people who have heard about issue tracking system, or help desks, think they’re exclusive to software development or to the IT industry. This assumption could not be more wrong. Whilst it is true that many issue tracking systems are devoted to these, some of the newer systems, like Plainticket, allow any type […]

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Reclaim your inbox!!

Most of us have been there. You come to the office in the morning, fire up your email client, only to find that an insane amount of emails have arrived since yesterday, and they’re not even spam!! Most of them have got to do with ongoing projects, some of them call for new actions, and […]

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Organizing requests

In any type of business, requests can be asked through different means: In person By telephone By email As by-products of meetings As unseen consequences of projects Generally speaking, businesses deal with a mix of all of the above, in a not so organized way. It is a balancing act that may last for a […]

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