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Resolve issues in a collaborative fashion

Our world is getting more complex. Issues and problems can very rarely be completely solved by a single individual. They may be of a technical nature, or in a service or manufacturing framework, but many issues actually require intervention from many people in order to be properly resolved. That makes collaboration all the more essential for a timely and efficient problem resolution flow.

“The difficulty consists in making sure all the relevant information is passed from person to person, so that all participants are actually working towards the same goal.”

Using email for that purpose can be treacherous as it’s very difficult to make sure that all the relevant information contained in a thread is passed from one problem-resolution agent to the next.

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Issue tracking in any field of activity

Issue Tracking in IT industryA majority of people who have heard about issue tracking system, or help desks, think they’re exclusive to software development or to the IT industry. This assumption could not be more wrong. Whilst it is true that many issue tracking systems are devoted to these, some of the newer systems, like Plainticket, allow any type of business to manage their issues more efficiently. That’s because Plainticket has gotten rid of all the IT references and technicalities other systems still use to this day.

You can use Plainticket to keep track of any type of request. It can be in administration, finance, tourism, service industry, or manufacturing, or any other field of activity. Plainticket allows you to define custom categories in which you regroup issues the way you want, to better suit your needs.

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Reclaim your inbox!!

Most of us have been there. You come to the office in the morning, fire up your email client, only to find that an insane amount of emails have arrived since yesterday, and they’re not even spam!! Most of them have got to do with ongoing projects, some of them call for new actions, and others are asking what’s going on regarding such and such a matter. You ponder what to do with these emails—you can’t dismiss them even if you’d like to—so you settle down to the task of actually replying to these emails, one by one, hoping you don’t forget to treat anyone’s request, and keeping informed all those who need to be.

You keep this up for a couple of months, but the daily mountain of emails keeps getting bigger, and dealing with them grabs more and more of your productive time. Let’s be honest, it is an unmanageable situation, one you cannot win without the proper tools.

“Email is a fantastic invention, but it cannot ever be conceived as a way of dealing and managing issues in a business. It inevitably leads to inbox clutter.”

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Organizing requests

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In any type of business, requests can be asked through different means:

  • In person
  • By telephone
  • By email
  • As by-products of meetings
  • As unseen consequences of projects

Generally speaking, businesses deal with a mix of all of the above, in a not so organized way. It is a balancing act that may last for a while, but eventually, when they become successful, businesses find that it is a mix which quickly generates tension and insatisfaction throughout the whole company. The problem here lies with the fact that no one gets the whole picture!
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