Register for a customer account, and start a 30-day free trial of Plainticket. We'll provide you with free assistance to make sure Plainticket suits your business needs.

User-friendly and simple to use

You get all relevant information on just TWO screens. One lists all information on active tickets, the second screen lists all information for one ticket.

It works for your business

Plainticket can be used in any domain of activity, whether you're in sales, accounting, in engineering, in manufacturing, in retail or in your own entreprise.

Regain control of your email inbox

By centralizing all requests in one place, all stake holders can share the same information. Plainticket becomes your main information hub for all business issues.

Manage your enterprise workflow

Each department, sector in your company can be assigned a category in Plainticket, from which you'll track and follow requests of all kinds.

What can Plainticket do for your business?

  1. Increase customer satisfaction: by following customer requests tightly, in a timely fashion, you'll ensure you keep your inside and outside customers happy.
  2. Develop collaboration and shared knowledge: when agents in your team share the same information and get a complete picture of incoming requests, your company as a whole becomes more knowledgeable.
  3. Make your employees truly work as a team: by allowing agents in your team to quickly transfer requests when needed, you help increase synergy and team coordination.
  4. Ensure efficient tracking of ALL requests: Plainticket never forgets any request, nor does it let any request fall 'through the cracks'. You'll get complete closure of all requests.
  5. Eliminate email inbox clutter: by centralizing all requests in Plainticket, you'll cut the urge for your team to succumb to the 'Reply-All' curse! email is just not adequate to track issues. Plainticket is built for that purpose!

What makes Plainticket stand out?

User-friendliness and flexibility

Plainticket has a very short learning curve. You can master the software within 20 minutes! Your agents will then get and interact with the system on only two screens! To help you get started, we provide free configuration assistance for the duration of your free trial. We also have training videos on our YouTube channel.

All tickets presented on ONE page

As a manager, or a an agent, you want to get on ONE page all the information regarding incoming and active requests. Plainticket gives you just that, and more, since you can edit many ticket attributes directly on the active tickets list.

Create tickets by sending emails

A useful feature for suppliers and people who do not have access to Plainticket web interface. Anyone provided with a category email address can create a ticket by sending an email. Plainticket email capture system will integrate the email as a new ticket, automatically!

Can be adapted to match business workflow

Plainticket uses 'categories' as a mean to regroup issues in your business. You can customize those at will, by products, by departments, or even to match your workflow! Now that's what we call flexibility!

All information for one ticket on ONE page

You won't have to sift through multiple emails and attachments to get all the relevant information for one request. With Plainticket, you get all that's needed to solve one request on ONE page, be that messages, files, images etc.

Complete integration with email

You can get notifications of new tickets, of new messages within tickets. You can even create tickets directly by sending an email to the system!

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